Facility Rental

Hell Hole Inc. is proud to provide Jamestown and the surrounding communities the use of our structure. We want your event to be the best possible and strive to ensure the facility is clean and organized. We only ask in return a nominal fee to cover the expenses of the facility and to follow our rules. The Steel Shed is located at 116 Steel Shed Lane off of French Santee Road in Jamestown. It is a 6,000 sq. ft. warehouse type building equipped with a full stage, heating/air, restrooms, and a kitchen (no stove). Maximum capacity is 250 with guest standing or 170 seated guest.

Rate/Price Details


Deposit Details

To reserve the Steel Shed, a $100 deposit should be taken to Jamestown Town Hall along with a completed application.

Terms And Conditions

The building is rented AS IS. No guarantees of cleanliness are provided. We make every effort to provide a clean facility but it is used for multiple purposes.

Hold Harmless Clause
The Applicant hereby shall assume all risks incident to or in connection with the rental and shall be solely responsible for damage or injury, of whatever kind or nature, to person or property, directly or indirectly arising out of or in connection with the use of this facility. Selling of alcoholic beverages is prohibited during any events.

We hope your event at the Steel Shed is an enjoyable one and that you keep us in mind for your next occasion. Hell Hole Inc. reserves the right to refuse rental to anyone that has mistreated our facility in the past. Each rental request is considered based upon its merits to offer a community oriented event.

To check for availability, you may book online or call 843-257-2233.

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